The Summer Lull in Sports

The Summer is always a time when sports just come to a lull.  It feels like after the NBA Playoffs, the NHL Stanley Cup, and all that jazz, it’s just what – baseball, NASCAR, and golf?

We need another sport to take us through Summer.  Sure, the MLB season has been great this year, with many teams doing big things, like the Minnesota Twins hitting a record amount of home runs, and of course, a nice story going on in the process of being up about 10 games going into the All Star Break (just about.)

But the lack of NFL Football is hurting.  Sure, there is the news wire, the free agency, and the build-up, but it’s not the same!  We need football to front run the news and give us stuff to do on Sunday other than watch Bruce Koepke challenge people on the golf course again.


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