How to Win Money Betting on Football

The NFL is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many people enjoy watching and wagering on football games. While billions of dollars are waged each season, the vast majority of the fan doesn’t have a clue of what they’re doing.

To make a profit wagering on football games requires you to win only 52.4 of your bets when the odds are -110. Sounds simple, but even with an expert strategy it can be s huge task. The most successful bettors consistently win only 53% of NFL games season after season. There are advanced strategies out there, but these are the basics which everyone must know.

Tips and Strategies for Betting on Football

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Bet with your head, and not over it!

#1: Bankroll Management

This method means you have a set amount of money to bet which you wouldn’t be broke if you lose. This is your bankroll. One of the first things you need to determine when using this method is whether you have a weekly, monthly, or a seasonal bankroll.

All three methods have their advantages as well as drawbacks. Not exceeding your bankroll requires patience. Regardless of which bankroll you use, avoid betting more than 2.5%-5% of your bankroll on a single bet. The tough part is not betting too much because you have a hunch or a gut feeling about a potential lock. If your seasonal bankroll is $2,000 then each bet should only be $50-$100.

Bear in mind this method allows only 20-40 bets for the entire season and choose carefully. If you suffer a lot of losses you should decrease the bet. That’s actually one of the pros of this strategy as it prevents you from going on tilt in the event of a bag week.

A weekly bankroll can be a great idea because you can make sure you don’t spend too much each week. With a full season bankroll, you can run the risk of setting it too low and if you make too many bad bets, you might not last the entire season. However, a weekly bankroll can cause some people to attempt to exhaust it each week, regardless of how smart their bets are. A monthly bankroll might be a happy medium pending you don’t waste your bankroll halfway through the month.

#2: Find Weekly Edges

No matter how tempting it may be to bet on each game each week because you’ll go broke in a week or two. Unfortunately, an alarmingly high amount of novice bettors attempt to do this. To make a profit you have to be able to find an edge and exploit it.

Pay attention to individual matchups with certain positions. Regardless of who is favored, look for overmatched offensive and defensive lines, WR/CB matchups and pay attention to the weather forecast. The players are professionals, so don’t expect cold weather to directly affect who wins, but harsh weather is still a game-changer for both teams. Factor in what the so-called experts tell you, but never let someone else make your bets.

Some weeks you might spot only 1 or 2 edges and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just keep betting a small steady percentage of your bankroll. Refrain from trying to wage higher amounts on weeks when you only make a few bets. There may other weeks you might be fortunate enough to notice 5 or 6 edges and it would be a shame if you can’t afford to capitalize on them because you lose too much of your roll.

#3: Don’t Drink and Bet

Resist the urge to bet on football while drinking. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not drunk, minor amounts of alcohol can impair your judgment. This can obviously lead to a lot of bad bets and chasing long shots in an attempt to counter your losses. Betting sober can be just as bad if you’re winning as it may cause you to exceed your usual 2.5% bets because you think you’re on a roll.

Las Vegas casinos serve free alcohol for a reason. The millions the lose on booze is small potatoes compared to the extra billions they gain because of impaired judgment.

Las Vegas
This strip was built mostly on drunk people gambling!

If you are betting on the NFL(or anything for that matter), you need to have a clear mind and treat this part of your week as a day at the office. If you want to have a drink, wait until you placed all of your bets and are watching the games. If you plan on drinking it’s a great idea to place your bets for the Sunday night game while you’re still sober.

Bonus Tip #1: Don’t Go On Tilt

Everyone loses, it’s inevitable. Similar to the best quarterbacks having around a 30-40% of their passes being incomplete passes, the top NFL handicappers lose 40% of the time. That comes with the territory. The key is they win up to 60% Just keep your emotions in check and stick to your strategy. If you lose a game, you might need to step back a evaluate and adjust your strategy. Make sure you have a clear mind when making your NFL bets.

Betting Strategy #4: Line Shopping

To give yourself the best possible chance to make money on throughout the NFL season is to take a look at the lines of multiple sportsbooks and comparing the ones you like. For instance, let’s say you notice the Saints have to cover a 5 point spread against the Panthers and you expect them to win against the spread, don’t rush into the bet just yet. Check the other popular and not-so-popular sportsbooks to see if there is any difference in the spread. If you see the other sites are giving the Saints more points or fewer points then you should factor that into which sportsbook to place the wager. This strategy and be a huge part of your success instead of being locked into one sportsbook.

Bonus Tip #2: Sign up to More Than One Sportsbooks

For the above-mentioned reason, you should sign up to at least 3 or4 of the top NFL sportsbooks and so you can compare the betting lines of each website before getting started. And it’s smart to join before the season starts to avoid racing the clock prior to week 1. In the event of spotting a favorable line, you can immediately place your wager instead of going through the sign-up process right then because sometimes the lines can quickly change. Just keep track of your bankroll between sportsbooks, which shouldn’t be too tough.

More Bonus Tips:

-Always Check The Injury Reports Throughout The Week
-Learn Everything You Can About Other Bets besides Point Spreads and Totals
-Pay Attention To Matchups Between Players At Certain Positions
-Don’t Make Emotional Decisions. We can’t stress this enough
-Factor in The Location, Weather for the Games
-Don’t Wait Until Sunday Morning To Research Games or Place Bets


Please bet responsibly and never use money which is supposed to pay your bills. Betting on the NFL is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes a massive amount of skill, patience, discipline, and persistence and even then you’ll still lose when you least expect it. Never bet when you’re mad, sad, sleepy, or intoxicated to further reduce your chances of failure.

Lastly, play smart, there’s no such thing as being due for a win or good performance, so avoid betting wildly because you feel lucky. Just stick to your strategy and roll with the punches. Whether you make lots of money or not, make sure you have fun.

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